Project Overview

Wide Temperature Demands meet Alufer Firetube Technology

Albert Kahn was hired to design a climate controlled “Driving Dynamics Lab” that could simulate temperatures from -40F to 140F for vehicle testing.  The design required a boiler that could handle all temperature ranges during heatup cycles.  

Equipment Selected

Cleaver-Brooks Clearfire CFC 1500

Solution & Results

The solution was the Cleaver-Brooks Clearfire CFC 1500 MBH boiler x 4.  The unique features of the Clearfire boiler allow for large temperature fluctuations given its Duplex Stainless Steel HX w/ Alufer Firetube technology.  The counterflow design of the HX promotes optimal heat transfer while promoting maximum boiler efficiency. 

Completion Date


Project Management

Jesse Vincent

Authored By

Pat Michels

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