Project Overview

Sustainable, Efficient, Reliable, Green

A new paint plant facility was needed to satisfy demand for popular Michigan made vehicle assembly. Heat required for demand load was approximately 20 to 25 million BTU/HR with redundant boiler. The project required green building compliance along with precise outlet water temperature control, monitoring and multi-point data annunciation recording and reliable combustion control for accurate repeatable efficient combustion.

Equipment Selected

Three (3) Cleaver-Brooks model CBLE 700-600, hot water firetube boilers, flue gas economizers and PLC firing rate controls with SCADA and master control panel.  

Solution & Results

Owner selected Cleaver-Brooks Hot Water Firetube Boilers with:

Flue Gas Economizer, Factory Furnished Economizer Mounts, 30 PPM Reduced NOx Forced Draft Burner, Thermal Mass Gas Flow Meters, Oxygen Trim System, PLC Based Parallel Position Combustion Controls with 10″ Touch Screen, Master Panel with SCADA, Expanded Annunciators, and Custom Control Programming.  These selections satisfied customer requirement for efficiency and operation and monitoring. Due to efficiency gains from equipment selected, the owner saved tens of thousands from rebate dollars via the local utility, and from having selected a high-quality product and local service support. This benefit will be realized throughout boiler’s lifecycle, while meeting green building points and target.

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Mike Conley

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Mike Conley

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