Project Overview

Efficiency. Affordability.

The original boiler room design included 12 small boilers, as well as 1 larger boiler intended to provide comfort heat during the colder months, along with the ability to re-heat chilled water during the warmer months.

Equipment Selected

Six Cleaver-Brooks model CFLC 6000 Clearfire, condensing hot water boilers. Input: 6,000,000 BTU/HR input each.

Solution & Results

Through an engineered analysis, considering balanced system design flow and temperature to match demand, boiler selection was changed to 6 Cleaver-Brooks condensing boilers model CFLC. This selection was made to accomodate mechanical room layout while satisfying load demand using equal size boilers. This was further enhanced by the overall operational efficiency and the minimal water balance requirement. Precise load-tracking with CB-Falcon control and higher burner turndown to match demand, combined with low NOx emissions from boiler flu worked together to make this project a success.

Completion Date


Project Engineer

Catie VanWormer

Authored By

Lou Willoughby
Mike Conley

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