Project Overview

Hello Self Sufficiency

A large hospital system desireded to get off of the City Steam network and provide their own way of producing heat and humidification.   Since the City of Detroit has very strict boiler operator laws,  D. J. Conley was creative with their boiler selection.

Equipment Selected

(12) CFC 2500 MBH Condensing Boilers, (2) 250 HP Vapor Power Circulatics, (2) 18 HP Vapor Power Modulatics

Solution & Results

(12) HW Condensing boilers were recommended to meet the desired load and stay under the boiler operator requirement.  For the Steam Humidifcation and Domestic Water boilers, it was determined that Vapor Power Steam Generators would be used in lieu of traditional boilers.  This allowed for high pressure steam to be delivered to their source without the requirement of a boiler operator.

Completion Date


Project Engineer

Patrick Michels

Authored By

Patrick Michels

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