Hours of Operation

7:30 AM to 4:30 PM

Monday through Friday

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Sample Training Course Curriculum

  • Overview of the most common boiler designs and their unique differences
  • Why some boiler types operate better in certain situations than others
  • Thermodynamics & heat transfer; Understanding what is really going on inside the unit
  • Total system efficiency; where the losses can occur
  • Steam system load demand & what causes a boiler to turn inside out
  • Hot water boilers and systems; understanding the do’s and don’ts
  • Boiler operating controls, their function and relationship with the flame safeguard
  • How and why boiler accidents can be avoided
  • Proper maintenance recommendations
  • Burners & Combustion; the theory and the application.
  • NOx Emissions and how they can be controlled
  • Understanding a boiler schematic wiring diagram
  • Sequence of operation including insights into troubleshooting.
  • How the flame safeguard interfaces with the relay logic within the burner control systems
  • A review of mechanical pretreatment equipment; softeners and deaerators
  • Boiler Feed Systems
  • Boiler feed pumps with emphasis on pump curves and preventing cavitations

For your convenience, training can be held on location at your office or at D.J. Conley Headquarters.

Please contact us for upcoming seminars and pricing information.