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Technical Information

Maintaining a Boiler Log 

A boiler log provides a written record of the boiler operating conditions on a given day and at a given time. Download or print a free copy. Please contact us if you need assistance with a boiler log program.

Boiler Lay-Up 

Learn the important aspects of putting your boiler up for the season with this informative article.

Boiler Steam Cost Calculator 

Steam boilers create easily utilized energy for many heating, processing, and mechanical and electrical power-generation applications. Click here for the Cleaver Brooks steam cost calculator.

Cleaver Brooks Knowledge Library 

Protect your boiler room investment! Helpful information can be easily found by using the Cleaver Brooks Reference Library.

Boiler Preventative Maintenance 

To keep your boiler room operating at peak efficiency and eliminate avoidable emergencies that can lead to costly downtime, learn about the five preventive maintenance steps you can take to increase your boiler’s lifetime.

Energy Saving Tip 

Monitor your boiler stack temperature to ensure optimum efficiency and reduce fuel costs. Protecting your boiler room investment with energy conservation techniques means better boiler performance. Click here to learn more.

Free Literature Request

The Boiler Room Guide

This guide is provided to assist supervisory, operating and maintenance personnel in understanding the operation of boiler room equipment, and to provide guidance to achieve safe and efficient operation of the equipment. The information provided in this guide is for general guidance in proper equipment operation and maintenance. The operation maintenance and parts manual for a specific piece of equipment should be reviewed for details and safety requirements. These requirements take precedence over anything contained herein.

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Boiler Efficiency Guide

This book is designed to clearly define boiler efficiency. It will also give you the background in efficiency needed to ask the key questions when evaluating efficiency data, and provide you with the tools necessary to accurately compare fuel usage of boiler products, specifically firetube type boilers.A difference of just a few percentage points in boiler efficiency between units can translate into substantial cost savings.

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Customized Onsite Training

Learn how to operate and maintain your boiler systems at maximum safety and performance levels with customized training from D.J. Conley to fit your specific needs including:

  • Boiler care and maintenance
  • Boiler maintenance procedures (hourly, daily, monthly, yearly)
  • Boiler controls training to maximize safety and efficiency
  • Boiler room equipment (feed systems, water softeners, chemical systems)

Please contact us or call 248-589-8220 to design and schedule a training program that will satisfy your company’s boiler room needs.

Cleaver Brooks Training Seminars

In cooperation with Cleaver Brooks, D.J. Conley hosts training seminars to help ensure maximum performance of your boiler equipment.

You’ll learn:

  • How to troubleshoot your boiler system
  • Best practices for operations and maintenance
  • The latest technologies for safety, energy efficiency and emissions reduction

Click here to see a SAMPLE Training Course Curriculum.

Start-up and Operator Training

D.J. Conley offers start-up and comprehensive operator training for every new boiler sold.