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Our experienced Aftermarket sales staff will carefully evaluate your boiler room needs and provide custom solutions or upgrades with reliability and process improvement in mind. We are fully committed to your total satisfaction; from parts and equipment to maintenance plans and energy audits.

Preferred Instruments SCADA-FLEX System

Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition System – Designed to provide remote operation, graphic display of information, alarm message display, report generation, historical trending and remote controller tuning.


Cleaver-Brooks Integrated Boiler Controls

Fully designed and optimized to work with our Cleaver-Brooks systems to help you get the most efficient and money-saving performance out of your boiler room. Virtually any system can benefit from the addition of a control.



Preventative Maintenance


System Troubleshooting

Structured to meet your needs, our Aftermarket support personnel can identify problems and propose solutions to help keep your boiler plant running at optimum efficiency. We have energy consultants on staff that can provide free energy audits to illustrate real savings potential. When necessary, we’ll also make recommendations that support best practices related to energy savings and provide options for equipment that will deliver long term cost prevention.

Energy Savings & Reduced Emissions

  • Economizers
  • Draft Control
  • Cleaver-Brooks Combustion Controls and Oxygen Trim
  • Blowdown Heat Recovery
  • Preferred Instruments Boiler Controls
  • Efficiency Upgrade with VFD Technology


Accessories & Equipment

  • Boiler Feed Systems
  • Deaerators /Surge Tanks
  • Boiler Feed Pumps
  • Water Pre-Treatment
  • Level Master—Precise Water Level Control
  • Boiler Instrumentation—Plant Wide Control & SCADA Systems
  • Feedwater valves to match load application


(Boiler Operation Optimization Savings Test)

BOOST your commercial, institutional, or industrial boiler today with a Cleaver-Brooks Boiler Operation Optimization Savings Test (BOOST). This test will show how you can reduce fuel cost and lower greenhouse gas emissions an average of 20%. The BOOST plan presents planning information which may include estimates of implementation costs, fuel savings, other efficiencies, and investment rates of return.

This report can help to determine the exact upgrades and accessories your existing boiler systems needs to increase its efficiency to its absolute maximum. The information is offered without obligation on the part of Cleaver-Brooks, Inc. and its representative – DJ Conley Associates, Inc. Please contact us for information regarding our proprietary BOOST report.

To see the complete results of a typical study please download the file below:

BOOST Boiler Room Energy Improvement Plan BOOST Boiler Room Energy Improvement Plan